An Olympic preview

While you watch the pageantry of the parade of countries during the opening ceremonies next week or cheer on your favorite athlete or country, seniors from around the country and Europe have spent this year qualifying for the 2013 Senior Olympics in Cleveland, Ohio.

While I do a “Rocky” dance for walking the 600 yards to my bus stop from our editorial offices in downtown Cleveland, I’m sure the seniors who have or will qualify for the 19 medal sports are rolling their eyes.

Since January, qualifiers have been held at the state level. Many are scheduled for later this year, according to the calendar provided by the National Senior Games Association. For active, fit seniors this is an opportunity to compete and feel the warm glow of accomplishment (as I do when I reach the bus stop).

Archery, badminton (I might have a slim chance there), basketball, bowling, cycling, golf, horseshoes, pickleball (whatever that is), race walk, shuffleboard, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track & field, triathlon and volleyball are the medal events.

Are your independent living residents aware of this upcoming competition? Find out the state-by-state qualifying event calendar and encourage them to try out. That couple playing shuffleboard on your campus could just be the 2013 medal winner in that category.

What a great opportunity to show that just because the years keep piling up, a senior still has energy, determination, and good old guts—in sports and in life.

Topics: Activities