An enduring romance

Bill Wilcox kisses his wife, Patricia, and tells her, “You look pretty today, as usual.”

The two walk—and wheel—down the hallway together to eat lunch in the cafeteria, where they hold hands and show other displays of affection.

The couple has been married for 69 years but no longer live together since Patricia moved to Bridges by EPOCH, a memory care facility in Westwood, Massachusetts. Bill has walked nearly every day for the past year from his assisted living facility so they can dine together.

“Oh yeah, I wouldn’t abandon my little baby here,” he told WCVB. “I have to see my wife. We’re still in love,” he says.

“He’s a wonderful man. He is very good. He’s kind, gentle,” Priscilla says.

Bill bought his wife two cards for Valentine’s Day, and her heirloom wedding dress and pictures are on display in the lobby to celebrate their anniversary. 

Topics: Activities , Alzheimer's/Dementia