ALF gives student a room for a song

Springwell Senior Living, a Baltimore assisted living community, has its very own musician-in-residence, thanks to a partnership with the city’s Peabody Institute, which houses the music and performing arts schools of Johns Hopkins University. Julien Xuereb, a 26-year-old music student at the institute, lives at Springwell for free—well, in exchange for some soothing classical guitar music.

“We could help out a young aspiring musician, and we knew how much our residents loved music so we just thought it could be a win-win all around," Springwell Senior Living director Phil Golden told Baltimore’s

Xuereb, a classical guitarist and composer who released his first CD in May, says he enjoys honing his artistry in front of the senior audience. “It allows me to relax more and improve on my performance skill,” he said.

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