A year of memory care

What we know and the way we think about dementia research is changing—for the better. Each new question sparks several more questions, undoubtedly frustrating researchers, caregivers, loved ones and people with dementia.

What we see is an emphasis on person-centered care and the distinction between the person and the disease. We’ve written a number of stories about Alzheimer’s disease, memory loss and cognition. But in everything we write and in everything you do is the humanity: the importance of human touch, the desire for purpose, the need for connection. Not all of the news is kittens, of course, but all of it—even the failed clinical trials and other perceived setbacks—are helping us to see people with dementia as people who deserve respect and compassion for a disease that is, in a word, scary.

We’ll continue to write about memory care in 2017. We hope to bring you tidings of good joy and a cure. For now, a look back at the latest developments in Alzheimer’s research and the most popular stories you might have missed in 2016.

Dementia and kittens

An Arizona memory care facility and animal shelter have partnered to care for orphaned kittens. And yes, there are photos.

Illinois signs bill for dementia care regulations

The state is the latest to mandate certification for facilities that provide care services for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias.

Memory care facility for people with Down syndrome opening in 2017

A first-of-its-kind memory care facility is designed specifically for people with developmental disabilities. At least one of every two people with Down syndrome will develop some type of dementia as they age.

Brookdale makes space for early Alzheimer’s residents

The nation’s largest long-term care provider is expanding the continuum of care to offer a transitional space for residents with mild dementia who need more than assisted living but aren’t ready for memory care.

MIND your diet

Can your diet delay the onset of dementia? Researchers are finding that what you eat can be a key part of a brain-healthy lifestyle.

Eli Lilly raises white flag on dementia drug trial

Plenty of hopes had been pinned on the experimental drug, but its disappointing trial results may lead the scientific community to rethink the approach to Alzheimer’s disease treatments.

Untangling Alzheimer’s research

Why is dementia research so challenging? Editors from the journal of the Alzheimer’s Association explain how far the research community has come—and how far it still has to go.


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