A senior jockey gets back in the saddle

Last month, James Todd, 75, a resident of Prestige Senior Living’s Porthaven Care Center in Portland, Ore., climbed back in the saddle. A former jockey with an impressive career of more than 20 wins, Todd has dreamed of “saddling up” to experience the thrill of riding again.


James Todd, 75

Thanks to the coordination among Porthaven, Zebs Wish Equine Sanctuary and the Oregon Health Care Foundation’s (OHCF) Senior Wish Program, Todd got the chance to get his feet back in the stirrups for a long-anticipated ride. Zebs Wish rescues abused and neglected horses and gives them the care they need to be healthy and happy.

Mocha, a white Morgan-Mustang mix, and Bodhisattva, a black Mustang, entertained Todd with rides both in a riding ring and on a trail. “I felt like the horses really liked me,” says Todd. “I had a strong connection with them.”

“We can’t say enough good things about the Senior Wish Program; it fits perfectly with Prestige’s philosophy of providing quality care from a compassionate heart,” remarks Porthaven Activities Director Jodi Burroughs.

In fact, Todd has become so attached to the horses and the farm that he expressed a desire to donate to Zebs Wish. “I know how much it takes to take care of horses,” he says. He adds that he’d love to be on that farm every day.

The Senior Wish Program, promoted and supported by OHCF, helps Prestige Senior Living fulfill its mission of enriching the lives of elders residing in the state’s long-term care facilities by focusing on making dreams come true.

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