5 best practices for social media

The Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society, the nation's largest non-profit senior care chain, is one provider with an outstanding presence on social media, including a very active Twitter feed (@GoodSam). Its social media staff share five best practices for social media posts.

  1. Be sincere. Don’t write another sales pitch. Remember that different social media platforms require different message styles.
  2. When it comes to staff recruitment, people want to know their work makes a difference—a key trait in assisted living careers.
  3. Use great photos. Pictures are quick and easy to digest, and they paint a clear picture of your company.
  4. Know your audience, whether they are potential residents, caregivers or those with aging loved ones.
  5. Protect the rights and the dignity of your residents. Never post unflattering pictures, and always receive written permission to use a resident’s photo or information online.

 Bonus tip: Cute babies, cute animals, cute elders. In other words, have some fun.

Topics: Executive Leadership