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Benefits of New Laundry Equipment are Far-Reaching for Long-Term Care Facility

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FACT: Over-drying by just 8 minutes per load on a 75-pound tumble dryer can cost a facility $883 in utilities and $4,866 in labor annually.

In a long-term care facility, efficient laundry processes can save a facility thousands of dollars annually. Since replacing older equipment with more efficient UniMac® machines in 2014, The Living Center, a long-term care facility located on the Fitzgibbon Hospital Campus in Marshall, Missouri, has experienced the benefits firsthand.

The Case: The Living Center—Fitzgibbon Hospital Campus
For several years, the older machines at The Living Center's on-premises laundry (OPL) required frequent maintenance—hindering the OPL's productivity and throughput.  In 2013, the facility partnered with RJ Kool Company, the region's certified UniMac distributor.

"By analyzing the operation and old equipment, we helped The Living Center pinpoint the specific time-and money-eating issues that were getting in the way of maximum productivity and efficiency," stated Bill Kimmel, President of RJ Kool. "We then provided the facility with the tools to help solve them."

For The Living Center, not only does the laundry room look and smell cleaner, but the staff now has access to better equipment. Wash results have improved, laundry workers seem to be taking more pride in their work, and employee morale has improved.

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