Virtual Dementia Tour provides a 20-minute dementia experience

Gaining a deeper understanding is how caregivers and families can see how this overwhelming disease comes to change the life of the person living with it. Second Wind Dreams, an award-winning Dreams Program, came to shed the light on this particular aspect with their Virtual Dementia Tour at Belmont Village Hunters Creek.

According to Chron, the 20-minute experience simulates the effects of aging and dementia, giving the viewer the opportunity to walk in the loved one’s shoes. With this program, caregivers and family cannot only understand the physical and mental challenges, they can also be empowered to provide better care and support.

Ashley Marcellus, executive director, Belmont Village Hunters Creek, said they hosted the Virtual Dementia Tour to provide an opportunity for their Senior Living and Memory Care staff and family as well as the Houston community to gain insight into the daily life of living with dementia.

“The experience is eye-opening, even for the most knowledgeable person,” Marcellus said. “I think our staff members came out with a new perspective on what our memory care residents go through. This tour could be of benefit for anyone who interacts with or provides care for someone with dementia. We look forward to bringing more educational opportunities such as this to our community.”

Read the full story and understand how you may be able to access this experience at Chron.

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