Wound care

Pressure ulcers: What we don’t know can hurt us

Knowledge about the prevention and treatment of pressure ulcers has come a long way, but has it come far enough to prevent and reduce the incidence of this problem in long-term care?

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OIG: Nursing homes provide ‘criminally poor care,’ fail on care plans

A new report from the Office of Inspector General accuses skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) of misusing their Medicare payments, since more than one-third of SNFs don’t fulfill—or even create—the care plans and discharge goals required for their residents.

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California shines in ‘Best Nursing Homes’ annual report

Where does your city rank in U.S. News & World Report's new "Best Nursing Homes" list?

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Skin and wound care programs for LTC

In many LTC facilities, nurse aides and practical nurses don't always have the benefit of regular contact with physicians and registered nurses. Do your NAs and PNs have the training they need to recognize skin conditions and administer the best wound care?

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Drug company must repay Medicare up to $48M for selling unapproved Xenaderm cream

The Healthpoint pharmaceutical company has to give back millions in Medicare reimbursements for false marketing of a skin ointment cream.

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Law firm launches nursing home neglect site

One law firm has created a website to educate consumers about nursing home neglect—and to give them easy access to lawyers who specialize in eldercare neglect cases. Will other states follow suit?

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How well can we control healthcare-associated infections (HAIs)?

Several recent studies show varying levels of success for infection-reduction programs, including efforts to curb MRSA, CLABSI and CAUTI rates. But the jury is still out on whether healthcare-associated infection (HAI) programs are making progress because of Medicare's new policies—or in spite of them.

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Certain surgeries have far higher 30-day readmission risks, study shows

Residents who are recovering from surgery need special transitions of care and monitoring to prevent post-operative complications and hospital readmissions. Read More »

Penalties for readmissions could hit low-income regions below the belt

CMS penalties for readmissions will have disproportionate effects on healthcare facilities in lower-income communities. Read More »

Nurse burnout increases infection rates

Staff overload could cost your facility plenty, as one research center draws a direct relationship between burnout and healthcare-associated infections. Read More »