Speaking up: tech firms and AARP partner on voice tech for seniors

Pillo Health and Orbita are planning to study diabetes-care management for AARP members who are 50-plus in the Boston area this summer, according to Medical Marketing & Media.
The companies will observe whether Pillo's countertop robot, which has AI-driven voice-first technology and facial recognition, can improve remote patient monitoring and reduce social isolation in this population. 
Pillo wakes up on its own to notify patients that it's time to take their medicine. A patient must verbally respond to Pillo's questions for the correct medication and the proper dose to dispense. If a patient has questions about whether to take the medication with food or at a specific time, Pillo, which is HIPAA-compliant, can provide the answer. 
“All that stuff may seem trivial, but it can be daunting for someone who is older and managing multiple chronic illnesses. Pillo can demystify all of that with its interactive screen, instructions, videos, and content,” said Andy Miller, SVP of innovation and product development at AARP. 
Orbita's voice platform is being used to ensure the automated homecare companion smoothly engages with a caregiver or patient in any number of healthcare scenarios, such as medication adherence or check-ins with caregivers.
“We are going to deliver personalized and relevant diabetes content to patients in a very innovative and unique way,” added Pillo Health CEO Emanuele Musini.
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