Retirement community celebrates 14 centenarians

Reaching 100-years-old is still considered a milestone, but it's not as uncommon as it used to be.

People are living longer. That's why a West Michigan retirement community had a chance to celebrate that in a unique way on Wednesday.

Sunset Retirement Communities and Services in Jenison held a Centenarian celebration as 14 of its residents are turning 100-years-old, or older, in 2018, according to WZZM 13.

Birthday cake was provided during the celebration, which included a tribute video put together by ball 14 of the centenarians.

Many family and friends of the residents were invited to attend.

"I have no idea why the Lord is leaving me here," said Robert Lutz, Sunset Community resident, who turned 100 in May. "I had an aunt who lived ti be 82, and everybody else [in my family] died in their 70s."

"It's interesting," said Ruth Curtis, who turned 100 in January of this year. "You don't realize your this age because you just keep on doing what you've always done.

Read the full story on these full lives at WZZM 13.

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