Real-time monitoring system partners with University of Southern California

PaceMate™ is pleased to announce a partnership with the Center for Body Computing (CBC) at the University of Southern California as of March 2018. The CBC is a digital health research and innovation center that is reimagining everyday health and wellness services for the mainstream patient population, modern caregiver and provider, and healthcare system underwriters. According to a release on BusinessWire, their mission is to make health services more accessible and affordable to a broader population. PaceMate™ is a cloud-based data management software company that provides real-time remote monitoring services for the connected patient—from pacemakers to ICDs to wearables and other implantable monitors. PaceMate™ facilitates the engagement between doctor and patient to improve outcomes.

The partnership will capitalize on the strengths of both companies. PaceMate™ will provide a data management platform that will allow the CBC to continue to pioneer ways to better engage patients in the digital world for better outcomes. The PaceMate™ + CBC partnership will lead to co-sponsored research projects, product development, and future innovations in the digital healthcare space. From self-driving cars that monitor heart rate and blood pressure to real-time patient feedback via smartphones, PaceMate™ + CBC will lead the way in the patient-centered digital ecosystem.

Read the full release at BusinessWire.

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