Raleigh startup hopes to use AI to analyze, treat Alzheimer’s

A Raleigh start-up that has created an AI-based system to collect data and offer advice on the treatment of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease says it’s now working to expand the number of clinics it works with, according to The News & Observer.

CEO Vik Chandra and chief technology officer John Walker, co-founders of uMethod Health, say its system is able to combine the latest research in the field with data about a patient’s genetics, demographics, bloodwork, medical history and lifestyle to help doctors figure out what might be contributing to the patient’s cognitive decline.

The system also can help doctors come up with a treatment plan, they say.

Like cancer, Alzheimer’s is a complex disease with multiple causes that doesn’t lend itself to a single treatment, Chandra said. And there aren’t any medications that offer anything like a cure for it.

“What the researchers are coming to the conclusion on is that the traditional way of trying to address Alzheimer’s just does not work,” said Chandra, a N.C. State University alumnus and former IBM executive with multiple business start-ups to his credit. “The disease is just too complicated to address through a single treatment.

UMethod’s system has been under development for five years and the company has been working with patients for the last three. The system is now in the hands of about 100 care groups across the country.

“This is commercially available at this point in time, and we’re working to scale the commercial availability,” Chandra said, adding that while the system isn’t regulated by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, it does qualify for Medicare reimbursement.

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