Ohio nursing home receives $100k loan, may not be enough

What has become an annual loan from the general fund to the county-run nursing home is lower this year but still necessary, officials say.

The Butler County commissioners recently approved a $100,000 general fund transfer to the Care Facility, but County Administrator Charlie Young said additional money will likely be needed before year’s end, according to the Dayton Daily News.

“I expect we’ll have to move some more before the year is out,” Young said. “We’re just trying to work out how much that would end up being.”

One year ago the facility needed a $425,000 subsidy and in 2016 the commissioners had to loan $225,000 to the nursing home so payroll could be met through the end of the year. This loan brings the Butler County Care Facility’s outstanding bill up to around $825,000.

At one time the county nursing home owed the general fund $1.1 million, a debt the home repaid partially but has continued to need regular infusions of cash as Medicaid rates, regulations and audits continually tinker with the bottom line. Care Facility Administrator Jennifer Strickland told the Journal-News mid-year it was nearly impossible to predict where the bottom line will land at year’s end, but she is estimated a deficit of $100,000 to $200,000.

The 109-bed facility is one of only about 25 county-run nursing homes — down from 34 in 2015 — left in Ohio. The nursing homes were mandated in all 88 counties when the first facility was built in 1830 to serve the infirm, poor and homeless. Many of the facilities closed after the state legislature lifted the mandate and counties opted to let the private sector handle nursing care as government budgets shrank.

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