Nursing shortage, high turnover impact assisted living centers

he Texas Panhandle's large population of older residents could be impacted due to a nursing shortage facing the entire country.

Certified Nursing Assistants are in high demand across the country due to a high turnover rate.

According to the Texas Health Care Association and News Channel 10, in just a five-year span, 50% of workers in nursing homes were no longer in the industry.

"I think the largest factors is low pay, they are paid extremely low wages for a job that is incredibly demanding," said long term care Ombudsman Kathryn English.

English helps oversee nearly 40 area nursing homes.

She believes that when workers transfer between facilities it is helping to increase the turnover rate.

"They really move between facilities a lot," said English. "I think that's motivated either by pay, or just environment they are in, they're looking for something different."

Read or watch the full story at News Channel 10.

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