Nursing home admissions halted after resident’s injury, lack of treatment

State officials have halted admissions at one of the biggest nursing homes in Knoxville after it was discovered that a bedridden dementia patient fractured both her knees in a fall but did not see a doctor and was left in agony for nine days, according to Knox News.

The patient fractured her knees while falling out of bed in front of a nurse assistant, then complained of "intense pain," state records show. However, it took the nursing home five days to perform an x-ray, then another four days to have her be seen by a doctor.

The doctor then sent her for knee surgery at a hospital, where she died a month later.

As a result of this incident, Westmoreland Health and Rehabilitation Center has been ordered to stop accepting new patients, according to a news release from the Tennessee Department of Health. The nursing home, which is on Lyons View Pike, must also pay $30,000 in penalties. The state has appointed a special monitor to oversee operations at the nursing home.

Westmoreland, previously known as Brakebill Nursing Home, opened in 1977. It is licensed for 222 beds and is the second-largest nursing home in Knoxville.

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