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Diagnosics company acquires new portfolio in remote testing

January 7, 2014
by Richard R. Rogoski
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Franklin Lakes, NJ-based Becton Dickinson and Company (BD) has acquired San Jose, Calif.-based Alverix Inc. for $40 million, giving BD a much larger share of the point-of-care diagnostic market.

Alveris, a privately-held diagnostic instrument company, has been a collaborative partner with BD since 2008 and was instrumental in the design and development of the BD Veritor System. This system, which is used to diagnose various respiratory illnesses, incorporates advanced particle and adaptive read technologies to give health care providers test results within approximately 10 minutes.  

BD's acquisition of Alveris will now give it even more access to hand-held diagnostic device technology used by hospitals, laboratories, nursing homes and home health agencies.

"Point-of-care testing is increasingly an integral part of patient healthcare in both developed and developing countries and BD is committed to expanding in this space," William A. Kozy, chief operating officer and executive vice president of BD said in a press release. "This acquisition enables BD to continue to strengthen and grow our point-of-care testing position."