New Jersey retirement community improves lives with smart technology

Homestead at Hamilton, a retirement community in Hamilton Township NJ, is using technology to redefine senior fitness and support healthy aging with its recent installation of a full circuit of HUR Strength Training Equipment with HUR SmartTouch Technology, according to a recent press release. The decision to incorporate progressive technology into an already robust wellness program is the result of an ongoing commitment to make physical health a priority of community life.

"More and more prospective residents are looking for communities in which physical fitness is an accessible, normal way of life. Today's older adults reject the idea that they should slow down and take it easy. They have high expectations of living long, full, active lives and want to live in a community with on-campus opportunities to maintain their physical health. Installing HUR Equipment with HUR SmartTouch technology was ultimately an easy decision because it is hands down the most effective strength training equipment for older adults on the market today. We want the best for the residents, and that's what they're getting with HUR. It's really that simple." – Kristin Kutac Ward, President and CEO of Solutions Advisors Group

Engineered specifically for older adults, HUR machines are equipped with HUR SmartTouch technology, a smart cloud-based computerized exercise and operating solution. The technology allows wellness staff to enter each resident's personal training program into the SmartTouch system. The system then guides each user through workout sessions, automatically adjusting the machines to their preferences and tracking progress. Not only does this empower residents to work out independently, it delivers real time data to wellness staff so that they can monitor individual progress and track changes in each users' body mechanics.

For the full story, check out the full press release.

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