Nebraska assisted living and nursing home employees not paid

All 85 employees at Fullerton Care and Rehabilitation Center were never paid for two weeks of work, and among the employees is a mother of four, according to NTV.

Allison Titus has worked at Fullerton Care and Rehabilitation Center for over a year.

"Every night when we get paid we look at our paychecks. Well on Friday night we looked at it around midnight and it wasn't there. At six o'clock we checked again and the paycheck still wasn't there so we called our director there and asked what was going on and she said she didn't know," said employee at Fullerton Care and Rehabilitation Center Allison Titus.

Titus said that's when they found out Skyline, the company who owned all 31 facilities couldn't afford to pay them.

"We weren't happy because our bills come out that day. When we get paid that's the day we have bills come out so it affects everyone," said Titus.

The CEO of two of the affected facilities, Park Place and Lakeview in Grand Island says she planned a fundraiser for her employees to help raise money for the lost paycheck.

Read the full story at NTV.

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