In-house emergency staff providing all kinds of value to skilled nursing provider

As skilled nursing facilities face pressures to improve care in an increasingly value-focused world, one provider has been able to lower its rehospitalization rate into the single digits by adding in-house emergency care.

Call9, which is based in Brooklyn, N.Y., and embeds paramedics on-site at skilled nursing facilities, partnered with the Archdiocese of New York’s long-term care arm, ArchCare, to bring the emergency services to two of ArchCare’s nursing homes. The collaboration began in December of last year, and has begun to lower rehospitalizations, according to Call9 and ArchCare.

That’s a particularly beneficial development with the new Patient Driven Payment Model set to take effect October 1, 2019, ArchCare President and CEO Scott LaRue told Skilled Nursing News.

“Homes are going to be rewarded who are taking care of the more clinically complex patients,” he said. “Not patients who are driven by therapy minutes and rehab. And what we’ve been doing strategically, even prior to this new model, is improving our ability to take care of more clinically complex patients. One of the tools in the toolbox that will allow us to do that is this relationship with Call9.”

One of the facilities in which ArchCare embedded Call9 was its Terence Cardinal Cooke nursing facility in Manhattan, which has more than 600 beds and “a very clinically complex population,” LaRue said. At that facility, the 30-day readmission rate was lowered to the single digits, while 71 of 82 patient emergencies in May were treated in place with Call9, according to ArchCare and Call9.

Overall hospitalizations at the Terence Cardinal Cooke facility fell to below 2%, according to LaRue.

Call9 embeds an emergency medical technician onsite 24/7. In addition, there’s always an emergency physician available to see a patient remotely, along with observational physicians who are also remote.

ArchCare also has a nurse practitioner who serves as a clinical facility liaison associated with the nursing home, Call9 co-founder and CEO Dr. Timothy Peck told SNN.

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