Four Connecticut nursing homes fined

Gardner Heights Health Care Center in Shelton was fined $3,480 after a resident who was known to have difficulty swallowing choked on a lasagna noodle.

According to the New Haven Register, the resident choked in a dining room on April 24. Staff performed the Heimlich maneuver several times with no success, according to DPH. When the resident subsequently was suctioned, a three-inch-long lasagna noodle was removed; the resident soon became more responsive, had improved color and began talking again.

According to the citation, the resident’s care plan outlined various feeding precautions, including constant supervision while eating and small bites of food. A nurse aide said the resident began choking while the aide was helping another resident, and the resident typically didn’t begin eating before the food was cut into small pieces.

Officials at the facility didn’t return a call seeking comment.

Portland Care & Rehabilitation Centre Inc. was fined $3,260 for two separate violations.

On April 21, a resident suffered an accidental overdose of morphine after a charge nurse administered 2.5 cubic centimeters of the pain medication, instead of the 0.25 cubic centimeters ordered by a physician, the citation reports.

The nurse immediately noticed the mistake and notified a physician and the resident’s responsible party. The resident was treated at a hospital for an unintentional overdose and returned to the facility April 22, according to the citation. The nurse later said she had been rushing when she administered the morphine and then realized the syringe was larger than usual.

To read the full list of infractions, visit the New Haven Register.

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