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Volunteers are an important part of any conference run by Vendome Healthcare Media.  It allows us to welcome industry experts as an extension of our staff for the duration of the conference and it allows you to gain crucial knowledge and maintain accreditation in your field of expertise.  Your professionalism is a reflection on the conference and Vendome Healthcare Media and we appreciate your investment.


I would like to serve as a volunteer at the Environments for Aging 2013 conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in New Orleans, LA. I understand that I am making a commitment to:

  1. Attend the mandatory orientation session on Sunday morning, April 7 at 8:00 am where schedules will be available.  Schedules may be changed by the volunteer coordinator at any time.  Requests for changes will be weighed against conference needs and availability.
  2. Work 7:30 am to 5:00 pm as assigned, between Sunday, April 7 and Tuesday, April 9. Unless I have volunteered on Saturday, April 6 for Tours or preconference sessions.
  3. Be available for evening events on a limited basis.
  4. Work the sessions I am assigned unless changes are expressly agreed to by the volunteer coordinator. 
  5. Be responsible for ensuring all travel and accommodations fit within the conference schedule.                      

I understand that in return for the time I volunteer, I will be able to attend the conference on a scholarship when I am not assigned to a volunteer function; however, I agree to be “on duty” while attending, being available to answer questions and staying alert to problems.  I will receive CEU certification for the sessions I am assigned to as well as the sessions I take when I am not assigned to a volunteer function.

I also understand that if I cancel with less than 72 hours notice, or do not show up for the conference or any of my assigned duties, I may be charged up to $715(one day conference pass) and I will forfeit any earned CEU’s.


The following are some of the activities you may be responsible for at the conference:

  • Session Monitor. Stand at doors to sessions to scan name badges at entry and hand out/collect evaluations.  Read a short statement about CEU’s and introduce the speaker.  Stamp CEU forms.  Be in the room during the entire session and alert staff to any speaker/audio-visual needs.
  • Way-finding. Stand in high traffic areas in and around conference center to help direct attendees.  Make yourself aware of locations of necessary event functions (exhibit hall, general sessions, coffee breaks, rest rooms, etc.)
  • Evening events such as the opening night reception, association meetings/receptions, and networking reception.  Help monitor flow of the crowd. Anticipate problems and solve or get help. Be able to answer questions about the conference.

Your acknowledgement of this agreement is necessary on the application page for you to be considered for a volunteer post at EFA 2013.

Again, we appreciate your investment in Environments for Aging and we thank you for your time.  We look forward to welcoming you to New Orleans.