Company launches new technology to compare nursing homes

OnlyBoth Inc., a provider of benchmarking insights that enhance understanding, transparency, and performance improvement, has launched a new, revolutionary benchmarking engine at OnlyBoth delivers fully automated, comparative insights on nursing homes in straightforward English summaries, rich with context.

Until now, no benchmarking tool has allowed an in-depth comparison of U.S. nursing homes at the scale needed to drive improvement broadly in nursing care and patient outcomes, this according to a press release on PR Newswire. OnlyBoth replaces a cumbersome research process and enables a comprehensive picture of nursing home performance, with a level of transparency unprecedented in the industry.

The new distinctive web product is powered by proprietary artificial intelligence algorithms, first developed under a National Science Foundation grant at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. For every entry, or nursing home, in a dataset, the benchmarking engine—through exhaustive comparison—answers insightfully and in clear paragraphs the core questions: How is this entry doing? Where could it improve? What has changed? and What's best in class?

The answers report top-N behaviors—being in the top-12 or bottom-12—of a noteworthy peer group which the engine is tasked with uncovering, unbiased by simplistic assumptions, with rich datasets from the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services' Nursing Home Compare. From deeper understanding to evaluation to monitoring and beyond, the technology offers valuable knowledge to nursing home executives and employees, owners, acquirers, consultants, marketers, payers and insurers, referring providers, inspectors, attorneys, and prospective patients and their families.

Read the full release at PR Newswire.


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