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LTL reader has strong words for care home owners

February 19, 2009
by Kevin Kolus
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A reader named Lola recently brought up a zealous—if not unrestrained—personal commentary on how she views the current state of long-term care by posting on Long-Term Living’s Facebook page. Here is a condensed version of her statement:

“As a Social Service Director of a nursing home or Health and Rehabilitation home of 125 residents, I learned that the nursing home does not serve all the needs of the elderly and disabled. There are many low income nursing assistants who are in rooms abusing the residents and not taken care of the daily needs of the resident. I learned that nursing home RN supervisors never walk in a resident’s room. These nursing supervisors sit in a conference room and write care notes without ever seeing the resident; so to meet Medicare and Medicaid standard surveys only. The problems could be solved if more administrators would hire enough personnel to cover the needs of their residents. Many long term care places need to stop cheating the resident to save money for the owner while he travels around in his private jet.”

Although I am inclined to comment on this boldly outspoken stance, I'll leave the discussion up to other LTL readers.
I encourage you to go to LTL’s Facebook wall (click here) to read the rest of Lola’s viewpoint, then join to add your own thoughts to this conversation.

Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus


Kevin Kolus wrote for Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012...



I'm not use where you are living or referring to, but you cannot speak for ALL nursing homes. There are many Excellent homes out there that take very good care of their residents and the residents like where they are and the families know that they can live their own lives and not have to worry about their loved one, because they are being taken good care of. Staffing is going to be an issue for some time yet because there aren't enough nurses to go around. And its difficult to keep CNA's on staff because it is such a demanding (physically and mentally) position. As far as an RN supervisor, which I am, I do go out into the rooms of my residents. I do go out and visit with the residents, especially at meal time to see how they are and how the food is are they getting enough or would they like changes made. We have resident council meetings monthly so that they have a voice in their care. Along with care plan meetings with the families and residents for their voices in personal care. My administrator and myself have an open door policy for our staff/residents and families to come and talk or bring concerns right away so that we can find solutions to problems as soon as possible.
If you know that the above issues are happening at your facility, what are you doing about it? It's your responsibility as a mandatory reporter to report these accusations of abuse and fraud. Are you doing your part or just complaining, stating your woes out for more negative publicity while you sit back and do nothing?


Wow Lola! take a chill pill! You need to get a grip. While there are indeed a few bad apples that make it bad for all of us, there are MANY fine homes. I am a LTC RN of over 20+ years. I step into many rooms, hold hands, sing songs, comfort families, provide education. We get paid about the same as a hotel to provide food, nursing care, shelter, medications for our residents thru the medicaid system. While there are families that dump and run, there are also those that visit daily or more and are an active voice for their loved one. I have also fired people on the spot for abuse, not an issue with me. Sounds to me like you have a lot of complaints, but what do you intend to do about them? you have seen abuse and not reported it? shame on you! As for hiring, have you not heard of the staffing shortages? i've no idea where you are but it can take us up to 6 weeks from application to hire with all the paper work to go thru. Background checks and checking references, pre employment physicals and orientations. Some folks don't want to hang around for that or go to work somewhere that doesn't care (like at your place).

I've been an RN for more than 25 years most of them spent in LTC/SNF and most in management. I have been a DNS for almost 4 years and I resent the implication that all facilities are bad, that all RN's stay in an office, and that all facilities turn a blind eye to abuse. Nothing could be farther from the truth in my own practice and in most of the facilities on Cape Cod. There is such competition among us for the limited number of Medicare admissions, we ALL strive to do our best every day. Perhaps the original poster should take a field trip.