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Thinly staffed nursing home causes residents to miss meals, lack cleanliness

July 13, 2018  |  I Advance Senior Care

A Manlius nursing home without enough staff to clean, feed and toilet residents has been fined $22,000 by the state.

Refusing to be spoon-fed

November 21, 2017  |  Kaiser Health News

A Washington state agency has drafted guidelines for people with dementia who don’t want to receive oral foods or fluids. 

Dining with dysphagia

November 7, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

Japan’s food industry is rethinking meal time with the rising number of seniors and deaths related to choking. 

Hydration project

October 16, 2017  |  Kathleen Mears

Soda may be popular, but SNF resident blogger Kathy Mears says ice water is often the nicest accompaniment to a meal.

Dining with dignity

October 2, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

A Massachusetts couple sent diningware back to the drawing board to help older adults retain independence longer.

The tastes of home

August 30, 2017  |  Kathleen Mears

Comfort foods bring joyful memories and joy to our stomachs. Resident blogger Kathleen Mears longs for sandwiches on toast, a simple luxury that is difficult at best for her to get in long-term care.

The benefits of dysphagia evaluations

August 22, 2017  |  Kristy Brown and Melanie Theis

Speech language pathologists outline the advantages of instrumental evaluations to capture residents’ swallowing abilities for diagnosing dysphagia. 

CDC: Diabetes rates on the rise

July 25, 2017  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Why the next big chronic disease challenge for skilled nursing facilities could be diabetes.

An awakening

June 26, 2017  |  Kathleen Mears

Resident blogger Kathleen Mears watches as one resident transforms after she gets a fork in her hand and starts feeding herself.

Artery health related to diet

June 5, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

New research has found aging blood vessels is more of a reflection of a sedentary culture than genetics, suggesting healthy aging is possible. 

Mealtime assistance

May 30, 2017  |  Kathleen Mears

Having someone help you eat is one thing but having a separate feeding room makes resident blogger Kathleen Mears anxious. 

From tree to table

May 18, 2017  |  Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

One Northeast retirement community is going straight to the source, its grounds, to provide residents a sweet treat. 


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