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Disaster Preparedness

Preparing for 'active shooter' events: Lockdowns

February 13, 2014  |  James Minninger and Steve Wilder

Does your facility have policies and procedures to handle the potential presence of armed intruders? Unfortunately, the scenario is not as unlikely as you might suspect. Lockdowns are one part of any good response. Part 1 in our series.

'Silver Alert' would notify police, public of missing seniors

February 4, 2014  |  Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

A proposed national alert system would notify law enforcement and the public when a senior or other adult is missing.

Fire and ice

January 27, 2014  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

A tragedy in Canada holds lessons in fire safety for us all—when was the last time you asked your employees to practice their fire emergency protocols? Updated: Jan. 30, 2014

Death toll continues to climb in Canadian nursing home fire

January 24, 2014  |  Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

A nursing home blaze leaves five people dead and more than 30 others missing. A search for the missing continues.

CMS proposes emergency preparedness procedures

January 9, 2014  |  Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Four components should be part of every senior care provider's emergency preparedness plan, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. Found out what the agency is proposing and how you can comment.

Infection prevention resource available

January 8, 2014  |  Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

A new guide with a CD-ROM is designed to help long-term care facilities create and implement comprehensive infection prevention programs.

Fire safety compliance still troubles SNFs, deficiencies loom

August 22, 2013  |  Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

The recent CMS deadline for fire sprinkler compliance finds more than 1,000 long-term care facilities lacking sprinkler coverage in at least some areas—and risking exclusion from Medicare/Medicaid reimbursement.

Medical record access focus of 10-state HIE effort

July 22, 2013  |  Lois A. Bowers, Senior Editor

Ensuring the availability of medical records after a disaster is the goal of a new collaboration involving 10 states.

Heat wave poses a serious threat to frail elderly

July 3, 2013  |  Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

To paraphrase a Sonny and Cher hit…”The heat goes on and on and on” west of the Mississippi. Beating the heat isn’t easy and for seniors it’s a challenge to keep them comfortable—and safe.

2013 fire sprinkler bill may inspire retrofits and renovations

June 25, 2013  |  Stan Szpytek

Currently, only licensed SNFs are required to have sprinklers installed by August 2013. But the new proposed Fire Sprinkler Incentive of 2013 could involve assisted living sites, care homes and more.

Texas fertilizer plant blast takes its toll on SNF residents

June 18, 2013  |  Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

The Texas nursing home’s evacuation plan was executed, residents were removed from harm’s way, but the facility experienced a spike in resident deaths. Why?

New York State institutes emergency electronic tracking system for LTC residents

June 5, 2013  |  Sandra Hoban, Managing Editor

As 2013’s hurricane season begins, the lessons learned from Hurricane Sandy have helped New York State prepare to quickly locate evacuated patients and residents.


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