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The Relationship Between Senior Care and Pharmacy Solutions: Part 2

Medication management challenges senior care facilities. Explore pharmacy solutions including medication therapy management and formulary management. Read More »

The Relationship Between Senior Care and Pharmacy Solutions: Part 1

Ensuring safe, appropriate medication management practices in senior care facilities is challenging for many reasons. Pharmacy solutions can help to ensure patient safety and wellbeing, and they can also help to streamline staff processes for improved accuracy and time-savings. Read More »

The Promise of Voice Tech in Senior Living: A Q&A with Fahad Aziz of Caremerge

Fahad Aziz is CTO and cofounder of Caremerge, an EHR and engagement platform for senior living. Here, he shares his insights on the state of voice technology in senior living communities and how smart speakers can impact resident and community well-being. Read More »

Curbing Opioid Abuse and Diversion in Long-Term Care Facilities

Senior care facilities are not immune to complications related to the opioid crisis. What can you do to prevent diversion and keep all medications in your facility safer? Read More »

Technology and Senior Care, At Home and In Your Facility

New technologies can improve care inside and outside your facility in a number of ways. Read More »

Battling Drug Resistance in Long-Term Care Facilities

Know which bugs to watch out for and how to thwart their spread. Read More »

AI and EHR: Perfect Together?

Big data and electronic health records — along with other technologies — could change the way long-term care is delivered.

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2015 LeadingAge Hackfest ready to “engage with age”

What’s the coolest way to spend Halloween night? LeadingAge HackFest! With $10,000 in treats on the line, innovative aging technology developers and designers are sure to have some clever tricks up their sleeves.

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MatrixCare to release clinical analytics for CMS benchmarks

Electronic Health Records provider MatrixCare debuts new dashboard to measure and compare the most current CMS benchmark data.

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Word recognition tests for early-onset Alzheimer’s

What's the difference between "curtains" and "sgarnce"? Recognizing real words among nonsense words could help diagnose early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

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