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Wii is right up LeadingAge's alley

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In the ’50s and ’60s, bowling establishments dotted the American landscape. A backdrop of American life and leisure, they were a generation’s one-stop shop for food, friendship and fun. Bowling shirts were a fashion statement even if bowling shoes weren’t.

Today, those carefree kids have grown up—and grown old in body, but not necessarily in spirit. Nintendo’s Wii gaming device has been putting seniors back on the virtual lanes for years now. Across the country, seniors have formed Wii bowling leagues at their communities and the National Senior League’s (NSL) Wii Bowling Championship will be hosted by LeadingAge on October 18 at its annual Meeting and Exposition in Washington, D.C.

Because most of the Will Bowling Championship’s participants live in LeadingAge member communities, partnering with LeadingAge to host the event until 2013 is a natural fit, said NSL founder Dennis Berkholtz

LeadingAge CEO Larry Minnix agrees, and had this to say in an official statement: “We are excited to help our members engage in this league and to have our annual meeting serve as a platform to illustrate that seniors are interested in using technology, building community and having fun.”

To learn more about the NSL Wii Bowling Championship, visit http://www.nslgames.com. Iron your best bowling shirt but, please, leave the shoes at home.

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