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Your thoughts on LTC staff flu vaccinations

October 1, 2009
by Kevin Kolus
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What are your feelings on flu vaccinations for long-term care staff?


- It is much needed.

- Staff working in LTC need flu vaccination so their residents are not inadvertently contaminated thus becoming ill.

- Vaccines have not been trialed enough so there are unanswered risks.

- They are absolutely imperative for the protection of not only staff but the residents.

- I have been a nurse for 25 years, got the flu shot once, got very sick and got my children sick. I wonder why the statistics for how many people have died within two months of receiving the flu shot are not discussed or available?

Do you believe LTC staff should be vaccinated? Leave your comments in the box below.

Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus


Kevin Kolus wrote for Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012...



Yes, and I think it should be mandatory.
We know that employees can carry the virus and/or come to work infected and spread it to our residents, for whom it can be fatal. We had our medical director provide education for all staff, which cleared up many "myths" about the flu shot. Our vaccination rate for staff doubled last year as a result of this (92% of staff were vaccinated). We had NO confirmed cases of the flu amongst our resident population last winter. I am firm believer that we need to do what's in the best interest of our elderly popluation.