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Your green initiative

December 18, 2008
by Kevin Kolus
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Are you making a conscious effort to “go green” in at least some aspects of your facility? If so, describe your plans.



We would like to some incentives from the state to cover these changes, but with Medicaid $$ in short supply, we’re not sure the dollars will be there to carry this out. -

We recently began an organizational wide recycling program. Is your facility making "green" a priority? Discuss your thoughts in the comments below.

Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus


Kevin Kolus wrote for Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012...



We are, proudly, making every effort that we can to reduce our waste and inefficiency. We recently had a company do a relatively cheap light-usage analysis and we found that we are way, way too bright. Changes in that regard are easy, and smart to do. We also eliminated our use of foam and disposable plastic utensils and plates. We figured that we kept some 44,000 foam cups- yearly- out of our landfills by switching to a reusable plastic cup that is made of recycled material. The cup itself is recyclable as well. We switched to biodegradble trash liners in the kitchen, as well as cornstarch-based or sugar cane-based single use utensils for staff. The plates that we have chosen are earth-friendly biodegradable paper-based plates as well. Think of all the waste that is produced by your facility. We think about it every day. I pose the question to the above poster- can you afford not to make changes? By reducing waste and thoughtless typical nursing home practices such as keeping the lights on during down hours or in areas that do not need lighting and keeping a tight fist on supplies, you will find the money to support the biodegradable products that are on the market. And then when you do, and they do, and they do too, those items will be all the more affordable- and perhaps we will reduce our landfill usage, and thereby heal our planet and have it be green for years to come for our children and theirs and theirs. Go for it!!!