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Your drug disposal habits

September 29, 2008
by Kevin Kolus
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How does your facility dispose of unused drugs?


-Crush pills and mix with water and kitty litter.

-Crush and mix w/used cat litter, then dispose of in trash.

-Sharps containers.

-We crush the medication and then place it in a small bag of coffee grounds, which is then disposed of.

-Biohazard waste.

-What are the requirements?

Agree with the poll's majority opinion? Discuss your facility's procedure in the comments below.

Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus


Kevin Kolus wrote for Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012...



We log each prescription on a destruction log. Then we place them in a cardboard box, seal the box and sign it. A bio-hazard company will then pick up the box and take it for incineration.


I'm interested, how did your facility decide on such disposal methods? And what is the cost compared to other forms of disposal? I'm glad your facility doesn't encourage the "free" dumping into waste water that may be affecting our health.