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Response to Joint Commission's warnings

July 29, 2008
by Kevin Kolus
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Would the Joint Commission’s warnings about staff having rude language or hostile behavior apply to your facility?
Comments: - Our facility is Christian-based and hostile behavior and rude language is not tolerated.
- Being a R.N. for 42 years, it is without saying that no one talks to any resident without respect. These people deserve that their later years be their best. They have raised their kids, worked their whole lives to make sure we ‘kids’ could have the best lives they could give us. If you want to be rude or hostile, go work in something that does not include human beings (or animals).

- More than rude language because all of our young people in society have no problem with using the F-word anytime and anywhere.

Is your facility affected by these warnings?

Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus


Kevin Kolus wrote for Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012...



Here's a link to Connecticut-based LTC provider McLean's "Code of Conduct" for employees. It's a pretty standard set of ethical principles that, unfortunately, no matter how simple and common sense they may seem, are still not grasped by some individuals.

I believe that any facility is open to this behavior from staff and I believe that no facility is free from this. It is up to the managers to communicate expectations through a code of conduct and enforce it.

Is it partly (or mostly) a cultural issue with disrespectful behavior? And how does this relate to staff retention? It seems to all revolve around cultural differences. In an interview I did a couple months ago, a group of healthcare systems addressed their retention issues at the cultural level:

"...a lot of the employees that we're talking about are people at or near poverty level. So there's another whole component to it, which is educating those people on how things work in middle class America you know, what the work place is like and what you need to do to be successful."