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Reactions to Employee Free Choice Act

May 27, 2009
by Kevin Kolus
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What are your thoughts about the Employee Free Choice Act and its union card check provisions?


- What "free choice"? EFCA is unfair to employees by robbing them of free choice without the threat of intimidation.

- It is in direct opposition to Taft-Hartly by removing the free choice of the employee to choose without undoing pressure of unions and aggressive peers forcing them to publicly denounce unions and risk retribution.

- Also unfair to staff and residents. This will add additional costs as well. Agree or disagree? Comment below to continue the conversation.

Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus


Kevin Kolus wrote for Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012...



Passage of the Free Choice Act will create a disadvantage to communities who would not be able to get their side of the story to employees. Making changes in the work place that would make the Union unnecessary is good for the community and the employees.