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Poll Comments: How do you feel about introducing residents to computer technologies?

June 24, 2008
by Kevin Kolus
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-As prior DON, I know they would love it. Remember, not all residents are elderly. Some are young, disabled people. Let them all enjoy life.

-What a great way to help residents stay in touch with families—especially grandchildren who are so savvy with technology.

-I think it is a great idea to have laptops and computers available for residents. It is a way for them to socialize (IM, chatrooms, webcams) or find new activities they may enjoy (blogs, games, shopping online, etc). I think all facilities should have these things available and classes to teach residents how to safely use them!

- Anyone who can operate a computer should be allowed to try his or her skills.

S Marie

Agree with the majority on this poll? Or do you believe there are potential problems in giving your residents computer access?

Kevin Kolus

Kevin Kolus



Kevin Kolus wrote for Long-Term Living when he was an editor. He left the brand in 2012...



I think it is an excellent opportunity to change how we think and treat our residents/patients in the facilities. This could be anyone of us and times are changing and we need to change with them in healthcare our audience is all about satisfaction and if our clients are happy and able to participate in the simple things such as computers as we all know this could be one of us facing a situation whether it is us directly or a family member or friend, to encourage an environment close to home like is the challenge in our careers in LTC , Great idea!

I think it is a wonderful thing to have computers available for residents who wish to use them, and someone to teach the ones who don't know how. There are alot of things a resident could use computers for, not just emailing family and friends, but checking news items, playing games that will increase their coordination and stimulate their minds. We are using the Wii system already in our restorative programs and with activities and the residents love it.

While not as many people now in nursing homes are computer savvy, that will be changing as boomers enter the facilities. And there will come a time when people will move in with their laptops and expect wifi!