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A feeling of hospital corners

July 30, 2012
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I have lived at this facility for 20 months. It is almost half the size of my previous facility and life is more casual. 

Residents here are closer to my age and for the most part more active. I think most of them consider their rooms to be both apartment and studio. Residents use their rooms to lounge as well as to sleep. Some also use them to work on or tinker with their hobbies, which are readily visible.

Because this nursing home is not traditional, beds are not made with the crisp, hospital corners that I had at the previous facility where I lived. There, each day my bed was made. But I had a private room and more space for a bedspread and pillow sham.

I have become accustomed to half a room and little space. But, it is difficult for me to get used to my bed looking drab. I was brought up to do hospital corners and to drape the bedspread just so. It did take time but it made my room look classier.

My side of the room resembles a college dorm without IKEA. My furniture is in an eclectic combination of nursing home issue, computer equipment and my pillows and blankets. It is just not the look I want.

A few weeks ago I was thinking about hospital corners so I asked the aides why they no longer do them. They laughed and said they make beds so frequently they seldom think about hospital corners. They also said some residents want their bed made loosely so they can flip their covers around.

So I am contemplating how I can make my bed look better. I want to give it a classy look and some color without putting unnecessary items in my room. 

Kathleen Mears



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That would drive me crazy. A nice looking bed makes the entire room look good. I do hospital corners on my bed at home..always have. My mother was a nurse and taught us how to make a neat bed. Can you bring this up during a resident counsel meeting?
A different bed spread changes the look of the room too.