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Top 5 social media channels for seniors housing

November 18, 2009
by ddavis
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Wanting the best situation for a loved one drives seniors housing prospects to seek referralsand there’s no quicker way to source referrals and reviews than on the Internet through social media channels.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the

Top 5 Social Media Channels

for engaging with





ousing prospects:


1. In the past year, Facebook has become synonymous with




edia. And with good reason

this site boasts the largest online community with 3000,000,000 members and users across every demographic (the oft-quoted fastest growing demographic on Facebook is the coveted seniors housing decision-makers: women 55+). Having a presence on Facebook is a necessity; ignore it at your own peril.





Thanks Jesse.

I think there may be a hiccup in Twitter's growth currently, but suspect it will rocket forward again in the next few months. That being said, it does appear that, as of late, there has been a hiccup.

Glad you enjoyed the blog - I really do believe there is a significant opportunity in the senior housing market for social media to be what referrals have been in a more fluid manner. I suspect Facebook, in particular, will be an excellent place for a brand to be accessible to the community it is a part of.

Thanks for your comment.

While I agree with just about everything in this article, I have to point out that Twitter is no longer growing faster than Facebook. Actually, Twitter's growth has been stagnant or falling since June. ( )

This doesn't make Twitter any less of a great marketing tool. I've made several lists of users that would be of interest to those in the senior care industry. Here's one:

Thanks for the article! I'm really excited to see the senior housing industry active in social media.