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Social media best practices for seniors housing marketing

December 7, 2009
by ddavis
| Reprints

Social Media is not like other marketing practices. It’s not a one-way street. When you pay for an advertisement, you’re telling your story. With social media, you also must listen. It’s a conversation.

In our last blog, we spoke about the best social media channels for engaging with senior housing prospects:

1) Facebook

2) Twitter

3) LinkedIn

4) MySpace

5) A corporate blog

Now that we know where we should be spending our “social” time, what should we be doing? What follows are recommended steps for entering the social sphere and using social media to market with prospects.

1. Assign one person within your company to spearhead social marketing. One person means one voice is speaking for your company, providing consistency in communication and actions.

2. Create accounts on the top five recommended social media sites. For each of the sites listed above, secure your company name—including a relevant user ID (for example, on Twitter you can find G5 at @G5SMarketing) and unique URL. Once you have ‘secured your name’ in the top five, you can drill down further.

3. Build your company identity or social profile on at least the top three sites (Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn). Then follow these steps:

a. Brand Your Profile—Make it clear to site members that this is a company profile. Examples: Use your logo or some event photos from your community.

b. Link to your Company Site—Increase the profile’s authenticity and generate traffic.