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Looking for a few good men and women

September 2, 2009
by anonymous
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anonymous (not verified)



After 49 glorious years as an RN Iam in a 4 month "retirement" coma and need to come up for air. Consider myself a wealth of experience in LTC. You name a position and chances are I've owned it. However, common sense far out weights the initials after my name. Would love to give you an occasional opinion from my side of town.

I was an Activity Director for about 7 years in 3 different facilities. I recently started a blog for Activity Directors. I search the web for ideas they can use. I would be very interested in being a reactor, if you think I could be of any use.

dymphna estrada

I am interested. I am a practicing attorney that recently completed by ALA licensure and actively seeking employment within the senior care industry. If you think I would be an acceptable candidate, I would be glad to work with you. Recently one of your articles "The Gift of Purpose" touched me, especially the statement "One of the greatest gifts you can give your residents is a reason to get up in the morning." . My mother passed away December, 2008 with a diagnosis of Parkinson's Plus/Frontal Lobe Dementia (a diagnosis that took two years to make) and I helped care for her and discovered that I have a long hidden PASSION of working with the elderly.