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Upcoming in November

September 23, 2008
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Here are some features to watch for in the November 2008 Long-Term Living

How a long-time LTC campus in the Southwest got past resident resistance to offer modern hospitality

Upscale supportive apartments allow southern California seniors to “stay home”

Demands on staff training programs are greater than ever—how to evaluate them


Your People, Liability Landscape, Computer Technology—and Gary Tetz’s “Funny You Should Ask”




previous post should have stated "each new edition", sorry...anyway, I do enjoy and look forward to reading the magazine and the posts...

I am really enjoying the surveys, blogs, opportunities to post comments this site offers, and look forward to the new edition online and on paper. Being able to post a comment anonymously has been important to me and has been a way to state my opinion without fear of repercussion. Thank you for the enjoyable experience provided and I look forward to more in the future.