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Kathleen Mears is a long-time blogger who has been a nursing home resident for 21 years. She is...

Let us retrieve our medicine

August 3, 2009  | 

We nursing home residents are usually waiting for something. We wait to get up, to get a shower, to get breakfast. And we wait for the first

Health Care Situations

July 26, 2009  | 

I have read the Obama administration's plan for healthcare reform and the resulting controversy. But I know many working poor and working class

Chemo Fall Out

July 19, 2009  | 

Since every doctor told me that I would lose all my hair, I purchased a wig after my first treatment. Two weeks later I saw little change in my hair,

Fresh Green Beans or Not?

July 12, 2009  | 

An aide told me today that she was going to get green beans from her son's wonderful garden. We chatted about the fact that this facility has never

Another July 4th: This year 'a different feeling'

July 6, 2009  | 

Most people think of the July 4th as a welcome break. They look forward to barbecues, swimming, boating, vacationing, and generally having a good

First Chemo Is Over

June 29, 2009  | 

My first chemotherapy treatment was last week and I prepared for it carefully. Since I need two aides to assist me with transfers, I was concerned. I

Eating in the Dining Room

June 22, 2009  | 

Right now there is a great push to get all residents here to eat in the dining rooms. When I first came here, there was a dining room for the "feeds"

Strange Occurrences with My Power Chair

June 14, 2009  | 

Power chairs are great. I can run the chair and do fine. But when the aides do it there can be problems. I have warned them to be careful and for the

Treatment Decision

June 7, 2009  | 

It was a beautiful, sunny day and my sister and I were preparing to travel 50 miles to see another oncologist. I was concerned that the ambulette

Resident Personal Expenses

June 1, 2009  | 

Our regional ombudsman asked if we would circulate a petition here which favors an increase in the personal expense monthly allocation that SSI