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Greystone to build $25 million SNF in Florida

August 2, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Greystone is joining forces with senior living developer and operator Lake Gibson Village to meet a community need for effective post-acute care services for its residents within their continuum of care.  

CMS gives one-star ratings to nearly 1400 nursing homes

August 1, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Less than a month after a New York Times story revealed concerns about insufficient nursing home staffing levels, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) handed out nearly 1,400 one-star reviews.

Nursing home admissions halted after resident's injury, lack of treatment

August 1, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The patient fractured her knees while falling out of bed in front of a nurse assistant, then complained of "intense pain," state records show. 

California nursing homes face class-action lawsuits due to understaffing

July 31, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Two Marin nursing homes in San Rafael and Novato are among 15 statewide that have been hit by class action lawsuits alleging that their owner systematically understaffed them to increase his profits.


Older Hispanics worry about cultural barriers when it comes to long-term care

July 31, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Those who were born outside the United States are more likely than others to experience communication challenges due to a language barrier (65 percent vs. 40 percent).

ProMedia's purchase of eight bankrupt nursing homes a move to "redefine health care"

July 30, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Eight nursing homes in the region that had been in bankruptcy proceedings are now owned by ProMedica, a Toledo-based health network.

Raleigh startup hopes to use AI to analyze, treat Alzheimer's

July 30, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

A Raleigh start-up that has created an AI-based system to collect data and offer advice on the treatment of early-stage Alzheimer’s disease says it’s now working to expand the number of clinics it works with.

LifeCare in Pennsylvania to close, lay off 122

July 25, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

LifeCare Hospitals of Mechanicsburg LLC, a provider of specialty acute medical care, is shutting its doors, displacing 122 workers.

Collaboration program lowers SNF-to-hospital readmissions

July 25, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The Enhanced Care Program fosters collaboration between medical staff and patients in settings where nurse practitioners were available around the clock.

Women's pregnancy, reproductive history may directly impact dementia risk

July 25, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Research reported at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference (AAIC) 2018 in Chicago highlighted sex differences associated with dementia and Alzheimer's disease across the life course.

Largest Alzheimer's genetic database soon to open for researchers, investigators

July 25, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The portal for the National Institute on Aging Genetics of Alzheimer's Disease Data Storage Site (NIAGADS) is currently undergoing beta testing involving a small number of investigators, with broader access slated to begin next month.

Good start, long road ahead for smart tech in skilled nursing facilities

July 24, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Voice technology has promise in senior care, but skilled nursing providers and residents need to keep their expectations tempered, one expert says.

Fewer people with mental decline are seeing doctors, panel states

July 24, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Though mental decline can be an uncomfortable topic for patients and their doctors, the panel says family physicians should do a thorough evaluation when concerning symptoms arise and share the diagnosis candidly.

Nearly 100 Alzheimer's drugs in final development stages

July 24, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

A new report from top researchers says the number of drugs advancing through clinical phase two and phase three trials provides reason to believe that breakthroughs may be in the current pharmaceutical pipeline.

Change in federal guidelines may lower ratings despite level of care

July 23, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The government is focused on staffing, no longer allowing facilities to report their own staffing levels. The measurements are now based on payroll reports.

North Carolina assisted living center's license revoked after strangling earlier this year

July 23, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Trenneth Axel Pace, 60, has been charged with first-degree murder in the death of Rebecca Eudy, who was found dead at Open Fields Assisted Living, at 3210 Western Blvd. in April.

Blue Ridge CEO falls on sword, fires self to cut assisted living facility's costs

July 20, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The top executive of an assisted living community and rehab facility in Martinsville, Virginia, is soon to be out of a job, and it’s by his own design.

Bill Gates joins coalition to fund Alzheimer's research

July 19, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Besides a cure, what do those afraid of Alzheimer’s disease need most? According to entrepreneur and philanthropist Bill Gates, a key need is a “reliable, affordable, and accessible” diagnostic test.

Social faux pas: nursing home employees fired for sharing pictures of residents to mobile app

July 19, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

UR Medicine Thompson Health in Canandaigua has fired employees the health system said were involved in taking and sharing photos on social media of residents of the M.M. Ewing Continuing Care Center without the permission of the residents.

Couple donates $2 million for hospice center and SNF

July 18, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The fundraising for the project was kick-started by a $2 million donation from Pete and Jelaine Horton who retired to Door County after Pete, a farmer, suffered respiratory damage in a farming accident.