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Study connects dementia and chronic inflammation

July 6, 2018
by I Advance Senior Care
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Last year, Medical News Today reported on a study suggesting that elevated inflammationlevels in midlife increased a person's risk of experiencing loss of brain function and developing dementia later in life.

And recently, researchers from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD, have conducted a study analyzing data collected from 1,532 participants.

Of these, 61 percent were women and 28 percent were African-American.

Specifically, the team tracked levels of a blood biomarker of inflammation called C-reactive proteinand looked at its relationship with the risk of dementia.

"We found that individuals who had an increase in inflammation during midlife that was maintained from mid- to late life have greater abnormalities in the brain's white matter structure, as measured with MRI scans," says lead researcher Keenan Walker.

Read the full story at Medical News Today.