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July 1, 2007
by root
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Beers & Hoffman, Ltd., Architects

Lancaster, PA Contact: Robert Beers Ph. (717) 569-4955 Fax (717) 560-1952 E-mail: Web:

Clark Patterson Associates

Rochester, NY Contact: Todd Liebert, AIA Ph. (800) 274-9000 Fax (585) 454-7618 E-mail: Web:

Dorsky Hodgson Parrish Yue

Cleveland, OH Contact: Cornelia Hodgson, AIA Ph. (216) 464-8600 Fax (216) 464-8608 E-mail: Web:

As a national architecture, planning, interiors, and environmental graphics firm, Dorsky Hodgson Parrish Yue embraces fresh thinking, innovative design, and a collaborative approach to serving client needs. Having three major studios of design expertise (Senior Living, Residential, and Commercial/Retail), the firm's diversity is also essential for clients with mixed-use needs. DHPY's expanded leadership team provides a strategically focused organization in three locations—Cleveland, Fort Lauderdale, and Washington, D.C.

Earl Swensson Associates, Inc.

Nashville, TN Contact: Sandy Dickerson Ph. (615) 329-9445 Fax (615) 329-0046 E-mail: Web:


Charlotte, NC Contact: Tim Mueller Ph. (704) 523-2230 Fax (704) 586-2432 E-mail: Web:

Haskell Co., The

Jacksonville, FL Contact: Thorn Himel Ph. (904) 357-4807 Fax (904) 475-7750 E-mail: Web:

Horty Elving

Minneapolis, MN Contact: Michelle Juneau Ph. (612) 332-4422 Fax (612) 344-1282 E-mail: Web:

KKE Architects, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN Contact: Greg Woollums, AIA Ph. (612) 339-4200 Fax (612) 342-9267 E-mail: Web:

Dedicated to the needs of sponsors, owners, caregivers, residents, and their families, KKE's nationally recognized designs-for-aging team brings you broad expertise in the full spectrum of housing and care options: independent living, assisted living, dementia-specific, skilled nursing, and subacute care.

Our team works closely with you to define goals, understand, and expand your vision through a research-based approach. By designing from the “inside out,” KKE expands understanding, produces state-of-the-art design and, most importantly, enriches lives.

Nelson-Tremain Partnership

Minneapolis, MN Contact: Gaius G. Nelson Ph. (612) 331-7178 Fax (612) 331-8255 E-mail: Web:

Rees Associates, Inc.

Dallas, TX Contact: Dr. Frank Rees, AIA Ph. (214) 522-7337 Fax (214) 522-0444 E-mail: Web:

Rees Associates, Inc., an architecture, interior design, and planning firm, was established in 1975. REES, a leading design and facility planning firm, has the in-house expertise to design, manage, and deliver capital improvement programs, complex renovations, and new construction and interior projects. REES has offices located in Atlanta, Dallas, and Oklahoma City and is composed of more than 120 professionals. REES has completed more than 700 Senior Living and Healthcare projects throughout the world.

Reese, Lower, Patrick & Scott, Ltd., Architects

Lancaster, PA Contact: Kathleen Goff Ph. (717) 560-9501 Fax (717) 560-2373 E-mail: Web:

SFCS, Inc.




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