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Patients, families consider social and financial impact for Alzheimer's treatment

June 19, 2018
by I Advance Senior Care
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Earlier in the year, a report released by the Alzheimer’s Association stated the annual cost of providing care for Americans with Alzheimer’s disease had reached $277 billion.

Also, the association noted there are are more than 5.7 million American’s living with Alzheimer’s dementia, and by the year 2050 the cost of Alzheimer’s care is projected to surpass $1.1 trillion, according to the Petoskey News-Review.

Here in Michigan, Alzheimer’s disease is the sixth leading cause of death, and caregiver costs continue to climb.

Often times, many families who have a loved one affected by the disease are forced to make tough decisions both financially and for quality of life.

“We do a cost comparison and look at what it costs to stay in their home if it’s a financial issue,” said Hilde Bonesteel, an established licensed adult foster care home owner/operator and registered nurse who along with her husband, Dean, will open Pineview Cottage on M-119 next to the Petoskey Ice Arena in July. “But even more so, we can provide even more complete care, we’re monitoring that person from a medical and cognitive standpoint.”

Bonesteel, who along with architect Dan Gorman designed Pineview Cottage to mimic a Wequetonsing home and cottage lifestyle, said many times when someone with Alzheimer’s is around others with similar issues, there’s a tremendous socialization benefit.

“Believe it or not, there’s a great comfort in that for them,” Bonesteel said. “They’re not the odd one out. That really helps their kids as well.”

Bonesteel said she never minimizes how difficult it may be for a family to consider making a transition to place someone in an assisted living facility.

“We sure understand it,” Bonesteel said. “It comes to the point where it affects the quality of life. It’s either the children’s lives are drastically effected and we see more and more either the husband or wife is taking care of the spouse and they’re struggling.”

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