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Alzheimer’s Foundation of America Announces 2018 National “Educating America” Tour

January 12, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The tour will be visiting 14 states to raise Alzheimer’s awareness, promote early detection and provide individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease, caregivers and the general public with information about Alzheimer’s related programs, support services and research.

Data driving partnerships between SNFs and Hospitals

January 12, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The 2010 Affordable Care Act, as well as subsequent laws and regulations, put incentives in place for acute and post-acute providers to coordinate care. 

Researchers given grant to repurpose drugs for Alzheimer's treatment

January 12, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and collaborators have received a five-year, $2.8 million grant from the National Institute on Aging to identify FDA-approved medications that could be repurposed to treat Alzheimer's disease. 

The impact of corporate webs on nursing home finances

January 11, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

In what has become an increasingly common business arrangement, owners of nursing homes outsource a wide variety of goods and services to companies in which they have a financial interest or that they control.

The long-term plan on skilled nursing and healthcare REITs

January 11, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

There is huge demographic transition well under way involving the aging of the USA. However, the idea that it provides "Inevitable Tailwinds" for Skilled Nursing or for REITs is incorrect.

Use of 'speed training' in dementia treatment

January 11, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Speed of cognitive training is a "low-risk, low-cost option that doesn't have side effects and will likely reduce your risk of developing dementia down the road."

Virtual platform to power senior rehab program

January 10, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Reflexion Health, a company that develops a platform for remote physical therapy, will be working with non-profit Los Angeles Jewish Home (LAJH) to bring virtual rehabilitation to seniors in the latter’s care.

Telemedicine increasing quality of care in skilled nursing facilities

January 10, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Skilled nursing facilities face many challenges providing round-the-clock care for patients with complex medical issues. Telemedicine is helping them improve care management and reduce emergency transports.

Do not count on personality changes to identify early stages of dementia

January 10, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

For patients in the preclinical phase of dementia, personality changes are not a common occurrence prior to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) or mild cognitive impairment (MCI), according to a new study published in JAMA Psychiatry.

Ways to keep those affected by Alzheimer's and dementia safe this winter

January 9, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Every year there are approximately 125,000 searches launched for missing dementia and Alzheimer’s patients, according to Project Far from Home, an Alzheimer’s education organization.

Following a tough hurricane season, Florida board discusses 2018's nursing home priorities

January 9, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Following September’s Hurricane Irma, and several deaths at a Broward County nursing home, Florida's long-term care facilities have come under scrutiny about how they handle emergency situations.

Focus on profit can take away from care quality in nursing homes

January 9, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

The research is relatively consistent: Do mission-driven nonprofit organizations deliver higher quality care to elders?

Pfizer ending company's Alzheimer's research

January 8, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

According to news sources, Pfizer expects its decision to result in the elimination of 300 positions from the neuroscience discovery and early development programs.

NE Pennsylvania Care Community Grows with Long-Term Acute Care Group Acquisition

January 8, 2018     I Advance Senior Care

Adfinitas Health, the largest private hospitalist group in the Mid-Atlantic region, today announced its acquisition of a majority interest in Advanced Inpatient Medicine (AIM).


Mood-boosting activities

January 5, 2018     Nicole Stempak, Senior Editor

What’s good for the mood may also be good for the brain, so engaging residents is key, especially during the dark days of winter. 

The benefits of cognitive therapy

January 2, 2018     Kristy Brown, Tamara Althoff and Pam Brooks

Cognitive therapy offers caregivers a tool to determine an individual’s cognitive and functional level, which can offer specific therapy recommendations that can keep the person active, social and involved. 

Setting an example

December 28, 2017     Bruce Williams

2016 Leader of Tomorrow award recipient Bruce William thanks a former boss turned mentor for showing him how to serve and move the long-term care industry forward. 

Tech-driven care transitions

December 28, 2017     Nancy Fennell

Navigating hospital discharges and post-acute care in the tech-focused era is about more than Meaningful Use compliance.

Pet therapy is for the birds

December 27, 2017     Pamela Tabar, Editor-in-Chief

Senior living providers are learning a bird in the hand is worth a lot to seniors who suffer from loneliness.

Assisted living activities: From blankets to beer, variety is key

December 21, 2017     Susan Rauch, BA, AC-BC

Bingo and movie night aren’t enough to keep most residents engaged and happy. Activity professional Susan Rauch shares unconventional ideas for expanding your activities offerings.