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The long-term plan on skilled nursing and healthcare REITs

January 11, 2018
by I Advance Senior Care
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The actual evidence shows a long-term plan being executed by Medicaid and Medicare to get post-acute care spending under control.

According to Seeking Alpha, the techniques being used to accomplish this goal include Managed Medicaid and Managed Medicare services and the "rebalancing" transition of Institutional to Home and Community Based and PACE services.

Actual beneficiaries of this transition will be Health Insurance companies, narrow networks of efficient Skilled Nursing providers, and Home Health providers. Victims will include many Skilled Nursing providers and their associated REIT landlords.

There is no good reason for investors to be in any hurry to invest in SNFs (unless you know someone who can cherry-pick) or in Healthcare REITs in the near term due to alleged inevitable tailwinds.

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The actual beneficiaries of this shift will be health insurance companies, narrow networks of efficient technology care providers, and home care providers do my assignment. The victim will include many skilled nursing providers and their associated real estate owners.

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The genuine recipients of this move are going to be medical coverage organizations, skinny systems of effective innovation mind suppliers, and residential care suppliers UK essay writing service. The casualty can incorporate various gifted nursing suppliers and their connected land proprietors.