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Gallery of innovative longterm care products

February 1, 2007
by Karen L. Bonn, RN, COF, ROF
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Ceiling Lifts

The EZ Way Ceiling Lift line, from EZ Way, Inc., has portable motors in 450 and 600 lb. weight capacities, and fixed motors in 400, 600, 800, and 1,000 lb. weight capacities available with both manual and power traverse options. Compatible with the same slings used on EZ Way's mobile floor lift line, the ceiling lifts feature an all-metal drive train and a curtain pass-through option that allows the track to bypass existing curtain tracks.

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Norovirus Disinfectant

Alpet D2 Surface Disinfectant, from Best Sanitizers, Inc., is a nontoxic, broad spectrum disinfectant with an EPA-registered Norovirus label claim. The ready-to-use formula with isopropyl alcohol and a four-chain quaternary compound has a surface-contact time of five minutes to disinfect. Because it is approved for use on food contact surfaces without a rinse, it can be used in every area of a facility. Alpet D2 is available in quart sprayers, five-gallon pails, and refillable wipes systems.

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Peer Mentoring Curriculum

The Paraprofessional Healthcare Institute has released Peer Mentoring: A Workshop Series for Direct-Care Workers in Home and Residential Care, a comprehensive curriculum for training experienced direct-care workers to become mentors. An interactive set of activities and exercises enables participants to learn and practice the leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills peer mentors need. The series aims to reduce turnover, create a more stable workforce through career advancement, improve the quality of care for consumers, and transform organizations, particularly in areas of recruitment, training, and support for direct-care workers.

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Laundry Oxidation System

The EcoTex™ system from ClearWater Tech, LLC, injects ozone-enriched water into the wash process, eliminating bacteria, viruses, and superbugs. Using mostly cold water, the EcoTex system is cost effective, reducing electricity, gas, water, and detergent costs.

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Time and Attendance Software

UNITIME on Demand is a subscription-based time and attendance system that is delivered to facilities through a standard Internet browser. Available from Unitime Systems, the entirely Web-based software allows employees to clock in and out through a data collection device (such as a swipe or biometric time clock), an ordinary telephone, or their UNITIME on Demand home Web page (using a unique login ID and password). Employers can track employee hours according to as many as 15 different labor levels, including jobs, departments, shifts, or locations, and managers can use the system to review and correct punch data, update schedules, and approve employee hours.

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Karen L. Bonn, RN, COF, ROF, is Founder and President of Restorative Medical, Inc., Brandenburg, Kentucky