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Companies doubling down on stem cell research for Alzheimer's

February 7, 2018
by I Advance Senior Care
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Texas A&M University Health Science Center is partnering with the Houston company that ran into trouble with federal regulators a year after facilitating the 2011 stem cell treatment of Gov. Rick Perry's ailing back.

According to the Houston ChronicleCelltex Therapeutics Corp. and A&M's Institute for Regenerative Medicine Tuesday announced an intellectual property licensing deal involving research on a potential stem cell therapy for Alzheimer's disease. A&M researchers say the therapy shows promise where drugs typically fail.

"In mice to whom we did terrible things to damage brain function, this therapy restored memory," said Dr. Darwin Prockop, director of the A&M Institute for Regenerative Medicine and the leader of the laboratory team working on the project. "Through this deal, we hope to start bringing it to human patients within three years."

Celltex will pay Texas A&M $2.4 million to acquire the technology and ultimately bring it to market.

Stem cells are considered a potential future of medicine. Their potential to rejuvenate dying or diseased tissue and organs has excited researchers at the Texas Medical Center and around the nation for 20 years, the envisioned linchpin of a new field - regenerative medicine. The field has not yet made it into the mainstream.

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