Accountable care organizations benefiting from skilled nursing woes

For every 1% that a given ACO cut skilled nursing spending, the overall savings rate increased by 0.82%, according to results of a three-year analysis published in the March edition of the American Journal of Accountable Care and a report from Skilled Nursing News.

The team, led by David Muhlestein of the consulting firm Leavitt Partners, looked at ACOs that participated in the Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) between 2013 and 2016 and found that most were shifting dollars away from inpatient services. SNF spending in particular declined as a proportion of total spending and on an absolute basis, even while absolute spending on inpatient care rose during that period.

“We also found that although all MSSP ACOs are shifting their expenditures, the ACOs that improved their savings rate most rapidly were those that had shifted SNF and inpatient expenditures more dramatically,” the researchers wrote. “This finding indicates that the degree to which ACOs shift their expenditures matters, and that significant additional savings can be gained by shifting inpatient and SNF spending toward physician services.”

Read the full story at Skilled Nursing News.

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